How are bridge fees calculated?

Fees vary considerably depending on the transaction. This is not due to dynamic pricing on our part, but is because each bridge works slightly differently and consumes varying levels of network resource (i.e. the computation of transactions on the blockchain).

To simplify this, we present you with a ‘return’ figure that reflects how much you’ll receive minus all fees. If you want to view the itemized fee list, you can click the drop-down button in the top-right of your selected quote. 

The return figure accounts for the following (which are subtracted from the amount you receive on the destination network):

  • The MetaMask transaction fee of 0.875%
  • Gas on the destination network, which is generally covered by the bridge provider
  • Fees to liquidity providers and validators, who relay transactions across networks
  • Price impact, which relates to available liquidity and how the bridge will affect it.

Separately, you will pay for gas on the source network when you sign the transaction. These gas fees can also vary depending on how the bridge is designed, and we’ve included estimates for gas costs in each quote. This means your total fees paid will be the items in the return figure list above plus gas fees on the source network.

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