I can't import a token into the MetaMask Portfolio dashboard. Why?

Most popular tokens will be detected automatically. See how to import (add) tokens here

If you're wondering why you see different tokens listed in MetaMask and MetaMask Portfolio, see here

If you can't add a token, it will be because:

  1. Each supported network in MetaMask Portfolio has its own token list. If you own a token on these lists, you can add it. If the token isn't on this list, it won't be available. 
  2. The token may be supported in MetaMask Portfolio, but not on the network that you're trying to add it on. 
  3. MetaMask and MetaMask Portfolio work differently. In MetaMask, you can import any token by inputting details manually, so long as they adhere to key token standards like ERC-20. In MetaMask Portfolio, you can only add the tokens from our list. 

If you're attempting to add a token and none of these circumstances apply, contact Support by hitting the 'Support' button in the bottom left of MetaMask Portfolio. 

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