How am I rewarded with Rocket Pool?

With Rocket Pool, the amount of rETH you hold doesn’t change to reflect rewards. Rather, the amount of ETH you can withdraw in exchange for your rETH updates according to a conversion rate where your rETH represents your proportional claim to ETH on the Rocket Pool protocol. This conversion rate increases or decreases based on the performance of the protocol to reflect any rewards you may receive. Rocket Pool typically updates the conversion rate on a daily basis.

Here's how Rocket Pool calculate the conversion rate:

Rocket Pool rETH:ETH ratio calculator

For example, if you initially received 1 rETH when Rocket Pool’s conversion rate was “1 rETH = 1.1 ETH” and your share of rETH on Rocket Pool gets you 0.1 ETH in rewards over time, the conversion rate would be expected to update to “1 rETH = 1.2 ETH”.

If you want to skip the manual calculations, you can easily check the amount of your rewards in the Stake section of MetaMask Portfolio, under the ‘Lifetime Rewards’ column.

If you want to withdraw or swap to exit your staking position, see our article for information.

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