How does MetaMask calculate estimated rewards, network control, and popularity?

This information relates to liquid staking only

The information shown here relates to liquid staking — that is, staking through third-party protocols Lido, Rocket Pool, and Stader Labs, and through which you receive liquid staking tokens. For information about validator staking terms, see the validator staking section.

Estimated rewards is the percentage of annual rewards you are predicted to receive, subject to change, based on a provider’s performance over the last week, as calculated by each provider's API. To learn more about estimated rewards, see here

Network control is the estimated percentage of staking validators associated with each provider, calculated using a mix of on-chain data and third-party APIs.

Popularity is an estimate of the fiat value of ETH and MATIC staked with each provider. This is calculated using the same method of available on-chain data and third-party APIs.

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