How to find a transaction nonce

A nonce is a unique number assigned to every transaction. You can find a nonce in MetaMask by clicking or tapping on the transaction in question. 

Finding the nonce in MetaMask

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On your MetaMask homepage, head to the 'Activity' tab and find the transaction whose nonce you need.

Next, click on the transaction you're looking for and locate the nonce in the list of details:

MetaMask locate transaction nonce extension

Finding the nonce in the block explorer

Block explorers are websites that retrieve information about your accounts and transactions from the blockchain and display it for reference. 

Nonces are essential to how Ethereum and Ethereum-like blockchains operate, which is why you can find them on block explorers. Here's how:

  1. Find and click on the transaction on the block explorer. See here for more information. 
  2. On the transaction page, scroll down until you see the 'More details' section. (This is how it's labeled on Etherscan; the exact wording may differ between block explorers.)

    MetaMask find transaction nonce etherscan

  3. Look for the nonce listed under 'Other Attributes':

    MetaMask find transaction nonce etherscan

You can also find the nonce more quickly by clicking the eye icon in your account's transaction list:

MetaMask view transaction nonce etherscan


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