What is an unverified token in MetaMask Portfolio?

Once you get comfortable navigating through your dashboard and managing your tokens in MetaMask Portfolio, you might notice an info sign next to your token name. If you mouse over it, the following message is displayed, informing you the token is unverified.

MetaMask Portfolio unverfied token

If a token is unverified, that means an insufficient number of sources can attest to its authenticity.

When MetaMask Portfolio sources tokens to display, we review the token metadata, which refers to additional information associated with a particular token. While the core function of a token is to represent a unit of value on a blockchain, token metadata provides supplementary details about the token, such as its name, symbol, total supply, decimals, and other attributes. For example, MetaMask Portfolio can use token metadata to show the token's name and symbol instead of its raw contract address. 

In other words, an unverified token means the token does not meet the verified listing criteria of MetaMask Portfolio

For a token to display as verified in Portfolio, it must be verified on at least three third-party sources to ensure consensus on the correct data.

An unverified token doesn't necessarily mean the token is unsafe to interact with

It does not affect your ability to perform transactions. It simply means we did not have enough trusted sources to verify its validity. If you know and trust the token, you can ignore the Unverified Token warning you see displayed in Portfolio. It is important to note, however, that you should always conduct your own research before engaging with any token or project.

MetaMask does not maintain an official list of approved or valid tokens. However, we maintain our own internal record of token metadata for some networks, but it is merged and compared with third-party sources.

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