How to send assets from MetaMask Portfolio

Looking for how to send tokens in MetaMask?

This article describes sending tokens and NFTs in MetaMask Portfolio, not your MetaMask wallet. If you're looking for the latter, you should head to this article: How to send tokens from your MetaMask wallet


You can send tokens or NFTs directly from MetaMask Portfolio.

  1. To get started, head to MetaMask Portfolio at, and then select the 'Send' tab on the left. If you're accessing Portfolio via the MetaMask in-app browser, hit the hamburger icon in the top left, and then select 'Send' from there.

    MetaMask Portfolio send tab

  2. Select the account from which you want to send. If you don't see the account displayed, hit the 'Manage in Accounts Settings' button in the drop-down to configure which of your accounts are connected to MetaMask Portfolio.

    MetaMask Portfolio send tokens account select

  3. Input the recipient (destination) address in the 'Send to' field.

    MetaMask Portfolio send tokens recipent address

  4. Select the asset you want to send. Click on the 'Asset' field to open a menu where you can

    • Filter your tokens by network, using the 'All networks' drop-down in the top right
    • Switch between NFTs and tokens using the toggle on the left

    MetaMask Portfolio send tokens select asset

    You'll only be able to send tokens that MetaMask Portfolio has detected in your selected account. If the token you want to send is not displayed, you could try refreshing your balances or importing the token.

  5. If you're sending tokens, input how much you want to send. An estimate of the tokens' dollar value is displayed in the input field to help you ensure you send the correct amount.

    MetaMask Portfolio send tokens select amount

  6. Confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet. This is where you'll also be able to see the estimated gas fees. Once you submit the transaction in MetaMask, it should be picked up by a validator and confirmed after a short wait. 
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