How to use the DeFi dashboard in MetaMask Portfolio

You can now view your DeFi (decentralized finance) positions in the MetaMask Portfolio dashboard.

The DeFi dashboard is currently available on Ethereum mainnet only. Supported protocols include:

  • Aave
  • Curve
  • Stargate.

Positions on any other network and any other protocols will not display. We'll expand support for the DeFi dashboard as soon as possible.

To access the DeFi dashboard, head to your dashboard page at If you already have your wallet connected to the dapp, you'll see a DeFi tab immediately underneath your portfolio value and alongside other tabs for tokens, NFTs, and transactions:

MetaMask Portfolio DeFi tab

If you haven't already connected your wallet, follow this guide. If you just want to watch accounts, see here.

Once you're on the DeFi dashboard, you'll see your positions. Using Vitalik as an example (I'm sure he won't mind), here's how your positions might look:

MetaMask Portfolio DeFi positions

You can see a button linking to the relevant protocol (dapp) in the first column, and then others that show the name of the position, its type, holder address, and its value. 

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