How to restore your MetaMask wallet from Secret Recovery Phrase

Use this article if:

  • You have your Secret Recovery Phrase
  • You want to import that Secret Recovery Phrase/wallet into MetaMask


Importing a Secret Recovery Phrase into MetaMask will REMOVE all existing user data from MetaMask. In other words, if you are using one SRP in MetaMask, and you import another one, all data relating to the first SRP will no longer be accessible through the application.

Before proceeding, make sure you have your Secret Recovery Phrase and any private keys (from hardware wallets or imported accounts) backed up, and your accounts will be safe.

If you have unintentionally done this, and need to recover an SRP that you previously used in MetaMask, you may still be able to. See this article for guidance.


New Installation Existing Installation
  1. Whilst setting up a fresh install of MetaMask, click 'Import an existing wallet':

    MetaMask SRP recovery desktop

  2. Follow the prompts to enter your Secret Recovery Phrase. Enter each word in a separate box, making sure you type each word lower case, and without any spaces.

    MetaMask SRP recovery desktop

  1. When you install MetaMask, click on the 'Import using Secret Recovery Phrase' button:

    MetaMask SRP recovery mobile

  2. Enter the entire phrase in one text field. Type all 12 words in the correct order, in lower case, and with one space between each word. Do not leave an extra space after the final word. Here's how it looks:

    MetaMask SRP recovery mobile

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