Revert back to earlier version, or add custom build to Chrome

This is fairly advanced functionality, and isn't something you're likely to need to do unless you're a software developer, or unless a Support agent is directing you to do so. Proceed with caution.

Previous versions of MetaMask can be found here.

  • Open Settings > Extensions.
  • Alternatively, use the URL chrome://extensions/ in your address bar
  • Check "Developer mode" in the upper right-hand corner.

Chrome developer mode

  • At the top, click Load Unpacked.
  • Navigate to your custom or previous version metamask-plugin/dist/chrome folder.
  • Click Select.

MetaMask manually install chrome

  • Change to your locale via chrome://settings/languages
  • Restart the browser and test the plugin in your locale

You now have the plugin, and can click 'inspect views: background plugin' to view its dev console.

Instructions for Firefox and Opera can be found here.

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