NFT tokens in your MetaMask wallet

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Support for viewing NFTs in MetaMask varies depending on how you're using it. NFTs cannot be displayed in MetaMask Extension, but can be viewed in MetaMask Mobile and on the Portfolio Dapp.

We will soon update MetaMask Extension with NFT support.

Portfolio Dapp Mobile

It's currently not possible to view NFTs in MetaMask Extension. Instead, we recommend you head to the Portfolio Dapp. You can either go straight to the site via, or follow the 'Portfolio site' link in MetaMask, right under the 'Assets' and 'Activity' tabs. 

Managing your NFTs with the Portfolio Dapp 

The Portfolio Dapp is a standalone app that complements MetaMask and help you manage your tokens (and NFTs!). To see your NFTs, simply:

  • Launch the Portfolio Dapp
  • Sign in with MetaMask to the address you want to see
  • Click on the "NFTs" tab

NFT tokens in your MetaMask wallet

All the NFTs attributable to (owned by) the accounts that you link to the dapp should be displayed automatically. Please note that not all NFTs may display correctly — this is to do with how we're able to retrieve data about them for third-party sources. We are, however, working to maximize compatibility, with the goal of making sure the vast majority of NFTs will be displayed in the dapp.



How do I turn on NFT detection?

When you switch to the 'NFTs' tab on the app homepage, if you haven't already turned on NFT detection, a prompt will appear. Follow the link it contains to bring up the appropriate settings menu where you can turn on autodetect.

Please note: NFT autodetect is only available on Ethereum mainnet. The option will not appear in settings if you have a different network selected. 

Otherwise, follow these steps:

  1. Find the settings menu by tapping the hamburger icon in the top-left corner of the app.

  2. Find 'Security & Privacy'.

  3. Flick the switch to turn on autodetect. Note that 'Enable OpenSea API' must be turned on as well, otherwise the NFT autodetect switch will be greyed out.

    MetaMask Mobile Autodetect NFTs

    Most NFTs should now automatically appear under the 'NFTs' tab of your wallet.


"You are not the owner of this NFT" error

If you receive a message telling you that you are not the owner of the NFT, please be sure that you are trying to add the token to the right MetaMask account. Also, please verify on the network's block explorer that you own the NFT at your MetaMask wallet address. See our guide if you're unsure how to check your wallet on a block explorer.

How do I verify that I actually have the NFT?

Search for your MetaMask account address on the block explorer and review your transactions to see if the transfer of the NFT to your account has been successful. Alternatively, search for the NFT's contract address and check that its location matches your account's address, and that the transaction is complete.

You can see all of the transactions performed with your NFTs by clicking "ERC-1155/ERC-721 Token Txns" tab on the block explorer. If you do not see the NFT here, contact the sender.

"Personal address detected. Input the collectible contract address."

This error appears if you have pasted in an account that doesn't have the format of an NFT smart contract. Follow the instructions under the Mobile tab above to locate the NFT's contract address, and paste this in instead.

We cannot do anything if the transaction is not present on a block explorer.

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