Disconnect wallet from a dapp

Looking to disconnect your wallet from a dapp?

Below are the methods for both MetaMask Extension and MetaMask Mobile. For more detailed information about permissions surrounding dapps, see our User Guide here, our token approvals explainer or this blog post

Disconnecting vs. revoking approvals: not the same thing

Following the steps below will only disconnect your wallet from the dapp. Depending on what it originally requested, this will prevent it from viewing your public address, wallet contents, transaction history, and even the ability to initiate transactions.

It will not revoke any token approvals that you have in place with that dapp, meaning that even if you disconnect the dapp, it may still be able to access and move your tokens. For more information on revoking approvals, see this article, or our Twitter thread

Extension Mobile
  1. Within the Account view, click on the 3 dots button on the top right-hand corner.

  2. In the expanded menu, click on Connected Sites.

    MetaMask Extension find connected sites

  3. Click on the Disconnect next to any sites you wish to disconnect from:

    MetaMask Extension disconnect from site

    If you have multiple accounts connected to the same site, the option to remove connections from all of your accounts will appear when you click disconnect:

    MetaMask extension disconnect all accounts

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