How to send tokens from BSC to Ethereum or other chains

Transferring assets from BSC to another chain is something that must be done right. If you do it wrong, you can lose your assets forever.

If you're handling assets on the BNB Smart Chain (formerly BSC), you should familiarize yourself with the different token standards that may be at play:

  • BEP-2 (essentially only for the Binance Chain)
  • BEP-20 (for Binance Smart Chain and dapps on the BSC Network)
  • ERC-20 (the most common Ethereum, and EVM-compatible, fungible token standard).

For more on EVM-compatible tokens in general, see here.

In order to receive the most accurate and up-to-date information on these topics, we recommend you consult Binance's documentation directly.

First, watch the Binance video resources available here

Pay special attention to the different networks on which you can withdraw tokens from your Binance wallet.

Second, we strongly recommend reading this article before attempting transfers.

As indicated in that article, please keep in mind that due to the immutable nature of blockchains, if you send assets to the wrong blockchain, they can be lost forever.


Have you tried using the bridge?

As with all cross-chain transfers, we strongly recommend using a bridge to move assets.

Binance used to have an official bridge until November 2021. Instead, they now recommend either transferring your tokens to the Binance Exchange and withdrawing from there to your chosen network, or using a third party bridge. See here for more information. 

You can also use MetaMask Bridges to transfer between BSC and many other networks. 



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