Understanding BSC, Binance, and MetaMask

If you are using MetaMask in conjunction with Binance, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with Binance’s documentation on the topic. That said, there are some technical details you must understand in order to avoid losses.


Specifically, Binance is not just one platform. It’s not even just one blockchain. When people talk about Binance, they may be referring to any one of the following:

  • Binance, the centralized cryptocurrency exchange
  • Its US-based equivalent, binance.us
  • The BNB Chain, (formerly Binance Chain) the blockchain which tracks BNB
  • The BNB Smart Chain, (formerly Binance Smart Chain, still referred to as BSC by most) designed to ‘bring smart contract functionality to the Binance Ecosystem’, tracks tokens that comply with the BEP-20 standard and is compatible with Ethereum and other EVM-compatible networks

The methods for moving assets between these different networks vary depending on what you are trying to move, where. Not all assets can be moved freely between all chains.


What are you trying to do?

Move assets between the Binance, or binance.us, centralized exchange and a wallet address via MetaMask

Recommendation: Follow Binance’s instructions

Note that if you withdraw BNB as a BEP2 token, it may not function as intended, for example, in dapps on the BNB Smart Chain. In order to access this functionality, you will need to withdraw your BNB as BEP20 tokens. Additional instructions for withdrawing here, and depositing to Binance here.

Move assets between the BNB Smart Chain and another EVM-compatible network via MetaMask

Recommendation: Follow Binance’s instructions

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you use official bridges when transferring tokens between blockchains. Additional instructions for sending to BNB Smart Chain via MetaMask here, and instructions for sending from BNB Smart Chain to a different blockchain via MetaMask here.

Have you sent funds from BSC to MetaMask, but you don't see the tokens? We have instructions for that here.


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