Resetting your account in the event of a stuck or pending transaction


You should only reset your account when it is suggested by a member of the MetaMask Support team or by MetaMask Activity.

Note: With version Extension version 10.28.1, the name of this feature changed from reset account to clear activity and nonce data. Reset account is still the name of the feature on MetaMask Mobile.

Occasionally, you may come across transactions that are not completed in the time you expect. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as running out of a native token to pay gas fees, or setting a low gas limit at times of high traffic, causing your transaction to become "stale".

In other cases, it is possible there are software issues with MetaMask, and it is in these cases that you may need to reset your account. 

This is a feature that wipes your transaction history, including MetaMask's knowledge of any pending transactions. Due to the impact this can have on your account, please only reset your account when instructed to do so by a Support agent.

See our guide for a brief run-through of how to reset your account (clear activity and nonce data), and some key considerations. 

Please note you should only reset your account if your transaction is not visible on the block explorer. Find out how to search for your transaction here


Reset account vs. Reset wallet?

These are different processes that should not be confused. Resetting your account essentially clears your transaction history. Resetting your wallet returns your MetaMask to the state it was in when you first installed it and created your wallet.

For more information on each of these processes, see the appropriate article:

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