How do I find my transactions?

There are a few different ways to locate and view your transactions:

Finding transactions in MetaMask

Extension Mobile MetaMask Portfolio

As soon as you submit a transaction to the network, it will appear in the 'Activity' tab of your account, detailing whether you were sending or receiving:

MetaMask view transaction activity extension

Click on the transaction in question to display its details: 

MetaMask view transaction activity extension

From here, you can also get additional information by following the 'View on block explorer' link. 'Copy Transaction ID' will add the transaction hash to your clipboard. 


Finding transactions on the block explorer

Firstly: what is a block explorer?

Essentially, block explorers are independent sites which retrieve information about activity on the blockchain, organise it, and make it freely available online. With the help of block explorers, all network (blockchain) activity can be quickly queried, helping ensure total transparency. 

Although their barrage of long, hexadecimal numbers and highly specific terminology can be intimidating at first, block explorers are very easy to use. These skills will form a vital element in your toolkit for using Web3. 

Block explorers are specific to each blockchain: Ethereum has its own (Etherscan), BSC has its own (BscScan), etc. 

Make sure you're using the right site by heading to the relevant network profile from our hub, which covers many of the most popular EVM-compatible blockchains. 

Finding transactions

Although there are distinctions between each block explorer, they broadly look the same. The steps below will apply regardless of the network you're using:

  1. Open up the appropriate block explorer. Network profiles accessible from our hub can help you find it.
  2. Copy your wallet address. 
  3. Paste your address into the search bar to open up your wallet's page. 
  4. Locate the transaction in the list provided.  


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