How to hide an asset (token or NFT) in MetaMask Portfolio

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This article is specifically about managing displayed assets in the MetaMask Portfolio dashboard, available at For information on displaying tokens in MetaMask, see here. For specific details on removing tokens from MetaMask, see here

The MetaMask Portfolio dashboard automatically identifies the assets in your account(s) and displays them in your assets list. You can remove a token or NFT from your assets list if you no longer want it included.

For tokens, you 'Hide'; for NFTs, you mark as 'Suspicious'. 


Hiding tokens or NFTs does not affect ownership; the actual balance in your account, as recorded on the blockchain, remains unchanged. Following these instructions hides them in your dashboard.

Tokens NFTs
  1. On your 'Tokens' view, find the token you want to hide.
  2. When you mouseover the token, three vertical dots appear on the far right. This is the 'Token actions' menu; click it to continue.

  3. Select the option to 'Hide'.

  4. Confirm your choice in the menu that appears, and the token will no longer be visible amongst your 'Tokens' holdings.

MetaMask Portfolio Dapp Hide ETH

Unhiding tokens and NFTs

Hiding assets of both kinds is completely reversible.

To unhide tokens, go to your 'Tokens' view and click on the 'More' button, next to the 'Networks' selector, on the right-hand side. From there, click on ' View hidden tokens'. Click on the 'Token actions' menu, next to the token you want to unhide, and select 'Unhide'. 

MetaMask Portfolio Dapp view hidden tokens

To manage NFTs, go to the 'NFTs' page of your portfolio by flicking the toggle on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Click on 'More' and select 'View suspicious NFTs'.

MetaMask Portfolio Dapp view suspicious NFTs

Find the 'NFT actions' button of the NFT you want to unhide and click on 'Mark as not suspicious'.

MetaMask Portfolio Dapp mark NFT not suspicious

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