Getting started with the MetaMask Portfolio dashboard

What is MetaMask Portfolio?

MetaMask Portfolio is a dapp that lets you view your MetaMask accounts and their assets in one place, and buy, swap, bridge, and stake your assets.

The hub of MetaMask Portfolio is the dashboard. It aggregates values from up to 10 accounts and shows your total holdings, making it easier to get an at-a-glance summary of their value in your chosen currency. 

You can access it here: On Mobile and Extension, click the portfolio button on your wallet homepage to get there quickly. It looks like this: 

MetaMask Portfolio icon locate

MetaMask Portfolio icon locate mobile

As MetaMask is designed to function as your passport to the multi-chain decentralized web, your dashboard shows assets on multiple Ethereum-compatible networks. Currently, this includes:

  • Ethereum mainnet
  • Avalanche (C-Chain)
  • Polygon
  • BNB Chain (formerly BSC)
  • Fantom
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • Linea
  • zkSync
  • Polygon zkEVM
  • Celo
  • Cronos
  • Moonbeam
  • Moonriver
  • Aurora

We regularly add support for different networks to your Dashboard. 


How do I get set up?

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is connect your MetaMask wallet. This is as simple as hitting the prompt in the center of the screen; if you want more information, see our guide
  2. Once connected, you can start exploring your portfolio:



Can I add accounts from wallets other than MetaMask?

At the moment, no. The dapp will only accommodate accounts created in MetaMask, although adding accounts that don’t originate from MetaMask is part of our roadmap. 

However, you can get around this by watching the account. This enables you to view any Ethereum address in your dashboard.

Why can't I see all my accounts?

You can only view assets from up to 10 MetaMask accounts simultaneously. If your wallet contains more accounts than this, you can only select 10 of them.

Can I add accounts derived from multiple Secret Recovery Phrases?

No. You can only use accounts derived from the Secret Recovery Phrase currently loaded into MetaMask.

What networks are supported?

We support Ethereum mainnet, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, Fantom, and Linea.

Will my dashboard show imported wallets and hardware wallets from my MetaMask?

Yes. Any imported accounts and hardware wallet accounts currently present in your instance of MetaMask (i.e. the browser/device you're using) will be displayed, should you wish them to be.

What’s the relationship between MetaMask Portfolio and MetaMask?

MetaMask is a web3 wallet that allows you to manage your digital identity and assets, and access decentralized applications (dapps).

MetaMask Portfolio is a dapp (decentralized application) that you sign into using MetaMask, allowing the dapp to access and display your account details and balances.

MetaMask Portfolio is developed by teams closely affiliated with MetaMask, and is directly accessible from your MetaMask wallet.

Can I use MetaMask Portfolio on MetaMask Mobile as well as MetaMask Extension?

Yes! You can use the dapp on both platforms.

However, to sign into the dapp on MetaMask Mobile, please use the in-app browser. You can get there easily by tapping the portfolio icon next to your account balance.

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