My MetaMask Portfolio dashboard is inaccurate or not up to date

Having issues with your balance in MetaMask?

This article is specifically about the balances displayed in MetaMask Portfolio, at For a guide on what to do if your MetaMask balance is incorrect, see here. If tokens are missing completely, see here or here.

We rely on various on-chain data solutions to provide the most accurate, up-to-date balance information for your dashboard. Sometimes, this balance may get out of sync due to a variety of reasons, including chain reorganization, lag time in data indexing, or incorrect token pricing information. These issues will typically be resolved on their own in a short amount of time as our systems catch up to the latest chain activity.

Even if your balance is out of sync:

  • Your actual on-chain token balance has not changed
  • No transactions have been made on your behalf.

What can I do in the meantime? 

Your dashboard balance will automatically update as the potential issues above are resolved and fresh data is available. If you want to accelerate the process, you can try to resync the balance of a specific token, or try a hard refresh, which affects all tokens displayed in your portfolio. 

Resyncing an individual token is quicker than a hard refresh, since much less data needs to be retrieved.

Resync one token Hard refresh all tokens

Head to the 'Token actions' button for the token whose balance you want to update, and then click 'Resync balance':

MetaMask Portfolio resync balance

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